Saturday, August 27th, 9:30 to 10:30 AM Sign-ups, Race Time ASAP

No Racing on Friday night, August 26th due to wet track. If we are going to race on Saturday, we will need help a the track tonight to get the damage fixed. Please come out and help!

News Flash!

  • Wednesday Practice Nights
    Starting on Wednesday, August 3rd, we will be offering a practice only night. Same as last year, the fee will be $5. We will start at 6 PM and go until we can't see the track. So, pack up the bike and gear and get out to the track for some fun, gate practice and some coaching/training tips from the Experts/Pros. See you out at the track, Wednesday nights!

  • Schedule Update
    We had originally said we would not be racing on Saturday, August 27th, because of the Iowa State Championship weekend in Cedar Rapids. Since the actually Iowa SCF race is not until Sunday, and we have so many new Novices that will most likely not be going to Cedar Rapids for either day, we will hold our normal single point race on Saturday morning. For our local riders that are going to Cedar Rapids, we wish you 'Good Luck' and bring home that #1 plate!

    We will not be racing on the weekend of September 23rd through the 25th. The September weekend is the Redline Cup Central Finals in Topeka, KS. Many of our riders will be traveling to Cedar Rapids to complete for State Championship honors and the track operators and many of the track volunteers will be attending the Redline Cup Finals.

  • Update - 7/20/2005
    We finally got our zoning issues with the City of Councils Bluffs worked out and have appoval from them for the track. We had to take our sign there down, because it was not 'approved', and we will have to share signage with the YMCA in the future. Not a huge deal, really. I have a couple of things that need to go to the IDNR before we get approval from them. Best case senario, we will be able to start moving dirt into the location this late summer/fall and be ready to start building next spring.

    We have been busy working at the Mount Crescent track this week and have made a lot of progress on smoothing some of the rough spots out of it. The rain we have gotten this week hasn't done any damage. We will be building the 'stands' for the starter, announcer and finish line over the next week or so. We have a lot of things left to do between now and the big weekend. We will need a lot of work to get them done. Be sure to check out the 'Meetings/Workdays' link to the right for work nights.

Last updated July 29 2005